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What is Startup Clinic


StartUp Clinic offers a variety of business services that prepare you and your startup for obtaining an investment and growth after it.


We are a team of experts from different fields, that know how to find what ails a startup and strategically advise them before and after the investment. 


We share our knowledge on the most vital areas of your activity and lead the way to your next success story.


In year 2019 Startup Clinic was for the first time supported by the Slovene Enterprise fund - the biggest venture capital investor in Slovenia.

How can we help you?

Startup Clinic is with you before and after the investment.

Before the investment, we:


Evaluate your idea with the help of a team of experts and chosen investors


We review and refine your business model in detail


We set the starting points for your business plan with all the elements needed to get investors


With potential buyers, we test the validity of your business model, sales channels and your margin


We help you make presentation materials and neccessary legal documents to successfully sell your idea to investors

After the investment, we:


Develop business processes and functions in the startup and set up a model of corporate governance and management


Prepare a 3-year company development plan in cooperation with external advisors and service providers


Set key performance indicators and a reporting system


Participate in the fast and proper entry into new markets


Legally support internal and external processes and functions


Participate in the human resources complementation in the company


Establish a model for the next stages of investing and exiting the company

Which areas can we help you with?

BUSINESS ORGANIZATION (corporate governance)

Do you have a defined organizational structure from the management to the last employee?

Did you define basic obligations and responsibilities of the employees?

Do you have an annual plan?

How do you track your success rate on the monthly and annual basis?

How do you coordinate your work on a weekly basis?


Do you have a shareholders' agreement?

How will you reward key personnel with share options?

What contracts will you sign with the main customers, agents, distributors?

How to protect your intellectual property (a patent is not necessarily always the best)?

How do you regulate the relationships between founders and investors?

Do you protect your data in accordance with the last GDPR changes?


Do you have a business plan?

Do you have a calculation of the cost price and gross margin?

Did you define basic performance indicators and their monitoring?

Do you follow the law?

Do you know your exact monthly operating costs?

Are you monitoring your cash flow?

MARKETING AND SALES (domestic and foreign markets)

Do you advertise according to digital marketing principles?

Do you have a communication strategy?

Do you have marketing materials?

Do you use CRM systems for your sales?

Did you do your market segmentation?

Do you actually know your key buyer?


Do you have clearly defined processes in your company?

Do you know which processes you have in your company?

Do you track your customers with the help of ICT?

Which tools do you use for work?

Are your data and IT systems adequately secured from external breaches?


Do you have employment contracts with your workers?

Do you have a defined reward system?

Do you have clearly defined job descriptions?

How do you reward your key team members?

Do you have an option plan?


TENDERS (for loans and grants, EU and Slovenian)

Do you know where to get European and Slovenian public funding?

When to ask for funds?

How to write an application for a call?

What are the hidden methods to increase your chances of success?


Do you have a striking website?

Are you present and active on social media?

Do you have a short presentation video?

Do you have someone in your team taking care of this area?

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your story?

Check the areas you need help with and give us your email address.
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