Six startups in one hour

Members of the Business angels of Slovenia and other invited investors have been introduced to investment opportunities offered by what we believe are 6 currently most interesting startups in the region. On our first Demo day this year we have presented 4 Slovenian teams as well as one from Italy and one from Croatia. 

Demo day kicked off with a 15-second "pitch" by the host - Matej Cerar from Technology Park Ljubljana. Following his greetings, the president of Business Angels of Slovenia, Branko Drobnak, announced a one page long speech, which at the end turned out as a good joke. He was brief and efficient, as were efficient the following 6 startup presentations.

Mides Design opend the pitching session with an elevator pitch, talking briefly about their prototype Aero Sail - large folding sails for cargo ships.

Next were two startups, which were previously incubated in the most colorful accelerator in Ljubljana, the ABC Accelerator

  • Soplaya - platform for bringing fresh farm products directly to the restaurants. It's not available in Slovenia yet, but farmers and restaurants can use it in Udine.  
  • Transfer Hero - platform for ordering environmentally friendly transportation to and from airports. They have developed an interesting app, which lowers the costs both for the taxi driver as well as the customer.

Redstart Instrumentation made sure that research, which advanced from lab to the market, was represented as well. Their device Swift-Eye used in the pharma-industry, measures the medicine accuracy in pallets. 

The fifth startup pitching was Algorimik, talking about their Typless software, which helps accountants translate incoming invoices into their systems much faster, making sure that company cash-flow statistics are updated very frequently. 

Last but not least was HiGroup with an online app HiTaxi. With it the dispatchers working for taxi companies can navigate easily even in rush hours, making taxi rides more reliable. 


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