Next Round Investment Conference

Innovations thrive in times of uncertainty so we made no excuses before deciding to go along with the organisation of Next Round investment conference - ONLINE.

Between October 20-21st the participating startups, venture capital funds and private investors will get to listen in to an interesting agenda, addressing current and future investment challenges. We will focus in the region our local startups operate in - the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Innovations are the driver of growth and recovery. Startups represent a big opportunity in that. At the conference we will discuss changed rules in the wake of COVID-19 crisis and EU aspirations to financially support economies impacted by the lockdown. We will talk new reality and its impact on venture capital investment. 

Why attend? 

  • This is a decade of change and it’s your job as investor or founder to figure out how to land on top once the deck is reshuffled.
  • Investors attending Next Round are the real deal.
  • The startups cleared for investor meetings with investors at Next Round are investable.

Applications are now open in 3 categories:

  1. startup (fundraising teams only!)
  2. investor 
  3. leader (general admission)