Demo Day: the Most Interesting Fundraising Startups

This week, on May 26th, we organized our first online demo day.

To be honest – organizing an online event is something completely different from organizing an off-line gathering. To mention one major setback, on the top of our list is the missing socializing part. We didn’t get to enjoy a glass of wine or a casual chat after the pitching ended. On the other hand, our Zoom call got to host angels from across Europe.

We found that online demo day is also extremely time efficient. There was no walking on and off the stage and things happened fast. It took only 50 minutes for five fundraising startups to deliver their pitches and answer a couple of most pressing questions. The pitching startups were:

  1. EPIDEMIC: AI-enhanced word-of-mouth marketing platform, helping brands create a buzz around their products or services by leveraging authentic peer recommendations. (digital marketing) 
    You can call Epidemic if you have a product you wish to promote through a local network of carefully chosen and verified Instagram influencers, who deliver. 
  2. a unique recruiting platform for the untapped market of blue-collar workers. A LinkedIn for the masses. (recruiting)
    Reach out to 3minutesjob if you own a company/recruiting agency, looking for blue collar workers and wish to find them faster.
  3. AIONIS: the future of Metal Additive Manufacturing. (manufacturing)
    Look into AIONIS if you have a particular interest in 3D printing – more specifically 3D printing of metals and would like to know how the team is planning to bring their research from paper to fully functional prototype.
  4. SonicMind: the world’s first digital platform ensuring remote control of analog guitar gear. (music industry)
    Do you play guitar? You can’t buy SonicMind’s products yet but reach out to the team if you wish to know how your pedal manufacturer could enhance their product with cool new features.
  5. TAIA: a modern platform for translations, helping businesses translate their content faster with artificial inteligence. (translation services)
    Need a translation? TAIA’s got you covered. Visit their webpage to translate anything. They work with a network of 2000+ translators and if you have a text in Belarus you need to translate, your problem is solved.

Two of the pitching startups are in MVP stages, two in break-even and one in idea stage. Their fundraising rounds range from 100.000 to 1.2 mio EUR. In the next few weeks, our teams’ mission will be to facilitate talks with investors.