Business Angels took over Poligon on September 12th

Last Thursday was a CEE Unlimited Demo Day once again. This time however the event was slightly wider, since Ljubljana hosted our Austrian angel colleagues from AAIA. The audience was first greeted by Lisa Fassl, director of AAIA, who soon after taking the stage already presented the first reward. This is how the president of our club, Branko Drobnak, received the largest possible Manner Waffle package ever. It was huge, and pitchy.

But enough about chocolate. Serious business began, when Vienna Business Agency, IP Austria and Austrian Business Agency briefly presented how they can assist startups interested in the Austrian market. What followed was a panel discussion:

Let’s do it lie a pro: from evaluating startups to closing the deal

Camilla Sievers (IP Austria) moderated the talk with Nina Dremelj from AlpVent and Arnaud Bakker from Speedinvest. We learned about how VCs think and were reassured several times, that they do indeed open all emails startups send them. Arnaud however stressed one point: if you are a serious startup, you must have done enough research, so you can somehow get a warm introduction to one of the relevant people at Speedinvest. - Noted!

And finally, the pitching session. It lasted one hour and we heard from

  • Fan360, building a new way of entertaining the entire football community,
  • Mebius, making the notoriously expensive hydrogen energy available to the masses,
  • Animeworld, making users experience joy and laughter through interaction with fictional anime characters on their phones,
  • Mouzen, manufacturing a gadget bringing back healthy hands to people working on desk computers or laptops &
  • Spark LPG, converting your vehicle from a heavy polluter, to a “green” gas burner.

There were rewards too! A carefully chosen committee of 10 decided, that the best innovation-prototype-market balance recognition goes to Mebius! Instead chocolate however, Jernej Hočevar from Mebius got to hold a huge board (which doesn’t fit in hand luggage and took special effort for it to be shipped from Austria).

Oh – and he also gets to pitch on Investors Day in Vienna, November 14th. Tickets are available here!

Got questions? Want to know more about the startups? Are you curious about our club? Shoot us an email at