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All businessmen and businesswomen with genuine interest in startups are kindly welcome to join Business Angels of Slovenia. You can call us at +386 1 30 70 816 or write us at info(at)businessangels.si where we will happily explain how you become a member in detail and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Who are business angels?

Business angels are entrepreneurs who dedicate their knowledge and money to innovative companies with high market potential. They are distinguished by their rich experience and knowledge of the market and the industry they work in. At the same time, they are people that are great mentors and advisors to startup companies with important strategic decisions. 

What are angel investments?

An angel investment is about creating “win-win” situations both for the entrepreneur as well as the business angel. For the investor, the investment is a way of enriching the value of the invested money by having a significant impact on the development of the startup company. Through the process of investing, business angel helps the entrepreneur build a successful company with their business experience, connections and expertise. 

Reasons to become a member of Business Angels of Slovenia

Evaluation and selection of startups

Through an optimized selection process, which is based on the principles of Lean Startup methodology, we select companies with the highest growth potential.

Support with entering into an investment

We assist business angels when entering into a specific investment by preparing the administrative and legal documentation.

Support with the corporate governance and development of the company

Business Angels of Slovenia provide support to the startup company in the area of corporate governance and supervise the fulfillment of the agreed goals from the canvas.


The club provides support to the business angel exiting the investment through searching for other strategic partners and VC investors.

Success on the international markets

We have an extensive network of international partners with whom we cooperate in the area of investments, exchange of experiences and knowledge.

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