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We are always on the lookout for startups with innovative business ideas and international aspirations. As angel investors we invest from 50.000 to 250.000€ in startups that have made the initial entry to market with at least a minimum viable product and a well developed business plan.
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Application documents
How to get you through the investment process

1. Send us you business idea presentation

2. Present your business idea in person

3. Decision on further process and starting the investment process (chart 1)

Obtaining an investment

4. Signing a contract with Business Angels of Slovenia

5. Presentation in Demo Days for Business Angels of Slovenia as well as Business Angels of the CEE region

6. Preliminary due diligence

Preparation of documents for the entry of angels into the ownership structure

7. Due diligence

8. Arranging all the legal documents needed for entry

9. Signing the contract / investment

Application documents
One pager

A »One pager« is a document where you describe your business idea on one page. It is usually designed with charts and infographics supporting the explanation of your business idea. At a minimum, your One Pager should clearly describe the pain you found and the business opportunity it presents, how your solution fixes the problem and why it is unique.


A »Pitch deck« is a document where you describe you business idea in detail but without writing unnecessary information either. It is usually the document an investor looks at if you spark his interest with your One pager. It should include an explanation of your business idea, the problem you are solving, your unique value proposition, competitive edge, your financial plan, market size and competition analysis, your existing revenue steam, and core team members. You should also include at least a three-year sales and revenue prediction with current P&L.

Business plan

Your application should include your business plan, which also has to include:

  • Key performance indicators and the response of the market
  • Financials
  • Technology and intellectual property

You should include resumes of core team members of your startup, so we can learn more about you.

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