Founded in 2007 Business Angels of Slovenia is the first and biggest club of angel investors in Slovenia.

We provide a focal point between startups, companies, club members, international investors and experts in the field.

We connect the most ambitious entrepreneurs, who are in the early stages of company growth, together with the most qualified investors in Slovenia, the CEE region and abroad.

We evaluate and check their business propositions and market strategies for their products and services as well as their abillity to get international funding.

We are members of the domestic and international startup ecosystemrangingfrom Accelerators, Technology Parks, Incubators… in Slovenia and Europe. Memberships include ones from EBAN, CEE EBAN and Global Enterpreneuer Network which enable our members to access the startup ecosystem worldwide.

We also organiseouside experts from different fields off knowledge and experiences as a members of Startup Clinic to help Startups become Investment Ready and enable startups which were already funded by a Business Angels investmentto built their market expansion and further development.

Unique value propositions


Members of the club are investors from Slovenia, the CEE region and Europe with a high level of integrity, proven track record, extensive business experience, rich social capital and the willingness to assist a fast-growing startup, if they so desire (smart money Investing)


On the basis of many years in the field, as well as expert knowledge, we raise funds only for the best startups providing excellent investment opportunities. Our investors are mainly serial enterpreneurs on their own with broader experiences on different sectors and can provide comprehensive advisory services for startups.

Adding value

With a team of experts from various fields off economic activities we help startup to bridge over their bottle necks from development to market scale up. They can lean on experience of Investors and their business network connections.

International presence

We operate on an international level and offer both our startups and investors the opportunity to meet influencersin international associations in the CEE region and Europe.


With a stellar reputation both in Slovenia and internationally we give a statement with the startups we invested in. This is a long-term partnership. We are fueling startups with angel investments in terms of capital, business connections (national and international) and Scaleup activities.


Our mission is to createsuccessful partnerships with dynamic entrepreneurs and StartupClinic's Experts to invest in startups which will enable their companies international growth.Additionally, we strive to secure them the next funding round, if needed.

We do this on the account ofincreasingthe success rate of Slovenian startups following the final goal of establishing the next Slovenian unicorn – we are looking for the new Talking Tom.


Our vision is to enable entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to obtain seed or angel funding for their companies in the early stages of growth. We aim to expand and do the follow up Investments on international markets and ultimately put Slovenia on the map as a successful location for the development of startup companies.

Investment policy

We invest exclusively in startups with potential international expansion, fast growing disposition and innovative ideas. In addition, a dedicated and competent team that is passionate and is willing to work hard for the realization of their vision, is of even greater importance to us. We are in search of a team that is willing to implemet market needs into their business model, adapt it, if needed (pivot), and use the help of external experts at doing it.

Types of investments
Seed and Angel rounds

As angel investors we invest up to 500.000€ in startups that have made an initial entry to the market with an at least minimum viable product (MVP) and a well developed business plan. Our investors aim to contribute knowledge and know-how in order to assist entrepreneurs in advancing their business. We strongly believe that the only way to build international success stories on the global competitive markets is by working together.

VC A, B & C rounds

We organise fundraising for A, B and C rounds for startups among our Business Angels and VC connections through Europe and the United States. We take perspective startups to international events in order to meet international VC investors. We also assist the startups in process of VC fund raising in terms of legal support, evaluation and proccesses.


For all successful startups that wish to secure additional liquidity for their owners or exit out of the company completely we provide services for partial or complete exits.



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Management Board


Supervisory Board

Drago Simčič