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We connect the most ambitious entrepreneurs with the most qualified investors in Slovenia, the CEE region and beyond.
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With smart money seed investments of 50.000 up to 250.000€ we help startups grow and develop their products and services as well as tackle foreign markets.
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We constantly collect startup presentations and choose the best to pitch to investors on Demo Days.

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Some of our recent investments:

Gaming, mobile app, anime

BitCore team is building a mobile app called Anime world.

The app features virtual friendship supported with artificial intelligence, for the Anime fans.

Invested in February 2020:


Mobility, green, design

Their signature product is an innovative floating vessel.

Using a special technology, Quadrofoil’s underwater wings and a patented steering system enable the watercraft to lift above the surface at low speed. The vessel is therefore extremely energy efficient and can operate with low costs.

Invested in March 2019

Advertising, information, manufacturing

Infinitus is a manufacturer of outdoor digital signs with LCD technology.

They offer high quality products with reliable post-sales support. They can process both single orders, as well as larger quantities.

Invested in March 2019

ICT - Healthcare

MedicoApps offers a simple and noninvasive system surevilance of a pilot's health condition with their smart watch FlySentinel. 

The company is currently getting ready to start production for final users and deliver first 100 pieces of their FlySentinel watch. The orders have been collected in the beginning of 2017 from buyers our of EU, USA and Australia.


Purpose of the investment: They raised funds for the purpose of further development of their main product FlySentinel, HR and financing the penetration to foreign markets.

Invested in November 2017:


Masivna Pasivna

Masivna Pasivna innovatively combines the best of masonry and prefabricated construction.

They have developed their own construction technology and quickly build quality homes that are completely digitaly traceable from next-generation natural materials. Each of their houses has its own DNA.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised for the purposes of development, HR, acquiring new costomers and marketing.

Already invested (August, 2017):

ICT, Data Mining

Datafy offers a search engine for business data that enables companies to save time and money while searching for business contacts.

They've developed a unique algorithm which provides its over 500 clients from the US, EU and Asia with automated highly-targeted data that will put an end to poorly targeted spam emails.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised to launch their business on international markets.

Already invested (July, 2017):


ICT, Publishing

Happy Heroes offers personalised childrens books providing each child with their own experience.

Their books encourage children to learn, interact and have fun while providing parents with a unique gift for their kids.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised to launch their business on the German and Italian market.

Already invested (February, 2017):


Platforms, Travel

Hotailor offers travel agencies and end customer various solutions that help them find best accomodation prices according to customer requirements.

With their solutions travel agents can sell more hotels, instantly get best prices and make offers within in 3 minutes.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised to expand their business to three new European market.

Already invested (April, June, 2017):


Telecommunication, Mobile Devices

Gotoky offers an advanced off-grid communication device which allows smartphones to call, text, share location and navigate to other Gotoky´s users and activate Location Beacon in case of emergencies, within the working range of 8 km - 15 km and more - all of that when there is NO MOBILE NETWORK COVERAGE.

It is a combination of hardware and softeware, working on standard license-free radio frequencies and does not require any cellular infrastructure or satellites.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised to finish the development of the product and start their sales efforts.

Already invested (January, 2017):


ICT, Logistic platform

45HC offers businesses a customisable platform for booking containers online.

With their solution they are disrupting the global container market by improving both the speed and cost of booking for businesses.


Purpose of the investment: They fundraised to expand to the broader European market.

Already invested (December, 2016):