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  • About us

     Who we are

    The Business angels of Slovenia was found in 2007 and is the first and biggest club of angel investors in Slovenia. It is the focal point connecting ambitious entrepreneurs, who are in the early stages of company growth and the most successful businessmen in Slovenia.

    Members of the club are businessmen with a high level of integrity, extensive experience, rich social capital(e.g. “smart money”) and the willingness to assist a fast-growing startup company with expansion and development.


    Our mission is creating successful partnerships with dynamic entrepreneurs and making investments that enable their companies to grow internationally.


    Our vision is to enable Slovenian entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to access seed funding for their companies in early stages of growth. We aim to expand and grow on global markets and ultimately put Slovenia on the map as a successful location for the development of startup companies. 

     How we invest

    Business angels of Slovenia invest exclusively in companies with an innovative idea and a vision towards international expansion, which is key for fast growth. In addition, a dedicated and a competent team that is willing to work hard for the realization of their vision, is of even greater importance to us.

    As angel investors we invest up to 300.000€ in companies that have made an initial entry to the market with a working prototype and a well developed business plan. Our Angel investors aim to contribute knowledge and know-how in order to assist entrepreneurs in growing their business. We strongly believe that the only way to build international success stories on the global competitive markets is by working together.

    The Business Angel Club of Slovenia has an extensive international network cooperating with European angel investment clubs, international businessmen and other institutions operating in the startup environment. As such we are well positioned to assist our entrepreneurs successfully reach foreign markets.

     Corporate Governance

    • Management Board
    • Supervisory Board
    • Yearly Assembly Meetings
  • Entrepreneurs

    How to attract an angel investment?

     Business idea:
    Your business idea must contain an evaluation of a specific need on the market (the pain) and your solution for it (the cure).

     Market potential:
    A key part for a successful startup company is knowing the market potential of your product, your distribution channels and your competitors (you are never alone on the market)

    Unique Value Proposition:
    For long term market success and recognition your product needs a Unique Value Proposition, which will distinguish your product as the optimal choice on the market.

     Business canvas:
    We expect a well thought-out business canvas in which it is clearly defined, where and how your company will create revenue and profits, for which you also need a financial plan and some key performance indicators. 

    You need a decicated  team who is determined in the success of the produc. It is crucial that the team is market oriented.  Your team needs to include a creative, an administrative as well as a financial expert. Business angels provide strategic input to the team. 

    Why cooperate with business angels?

    As successful businessman, members of Business Angels of Slovenia wish to help the entrepreneur with their investment, knowledge, experiences and social network. As such, a business angel becomes a mentor to the entrepreneur and the company in which he/she invests. We work with a number of supportive organizations both in Slovenia and worldwide and cooperate with a variety of other angel investment clubs in Europe. In this manner we open the way for growth and expansion of the entrepreneur’s company onto other worldwide markets. 

    For the investment a business angel gets a minority share in the company. The size of the share depends on a number of factors including the valuation of your business idea, the business plan, the sector where you work, and the market’s perception of your product, to name a few. Business angels are always looking for hard-working dedicated teams of people that are willing to work in partnership with the aim of growing the company.

     How to apply

    If you believe you fulfill the above mentioned criteria please fill out the following form and include your business canvas or one of the following:

    • One-Pager
    • Pitch presentation
    • Company past report



  • For investors

    Reasons to join Business angels of Slovenia

    Providing appropriate startup projects for investment in Slovenia and regionally
    We provide our members an insight into the start-up environment, enable them to invest in sectors of their interest and expose areas of the highest growth potential in Slovenia and globally.

    Evaluation and selection of startups
    Through an optimized process of selection, which is based on the Lean startup principles, we select companies with the highest growth potential.

    Support with entering into an investment
    We assist business angels when entering into a specific investment by preparing the administrative and legal documentation.

    Support with the corporate governance and development of the company 
    Business angels of Slovenia provide support to the start up company in the area of corporate governance and supervise the fulfillment of the agreed goals from the canvas.

    The club provides support to the business angel exiting the investment and looks for strategic partners and VC investors. 

    Success on the international markets
    We have an extensive network of international partners with whom we cooperate in the area of investments, exchange of experiences and knowledge.

     Angel investments

    An angel investment is about creating “win-win” situations for the entrepreneur and the Business Angel. For the latter the investment is a way of enriching the value of the invested money by having a significant impact on the development of a startup company.

    Through the process of investing a business angel helps the entrepreneur in building a successful company with their business experiences, connections and expertise.

     How to join

    We welcome new members who are interested in being active participants and investors.

    If you are interested in becoming a member or cooperating with us please send an email to (nina.dremelj@businessangels.si) or (branko.drobnak@businessangels.si). We will get back to you and set up a meeting or a call where we will present the Club in greater detail as well as answer any questions you may have.

  • Partners

    Supporting institutions in Slovenia

    • Technology Parks in Slovenia (tehnološki parki )
    • Slovene Enterprise Fund SPS 
    • Startup Slovenija Initiative
    • CEED
    • Coinvest
    • L30
    • Hekovnik
    • Replika
    • Podim
    • Ljubljana University Incubator (Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator)
    • Incubator of the University of Maribor (Tovarna podjemov in Inštitut za raziskovanje podjetnišva)
    • University Incubator of Primorska (Univerzitetni inkubator primorske)
    • Technology Park Ljubljana 
    • Technology Park Primorska 
    • Technology park Štajerska

    Law Offices

    Institutions of Knowledge

    • Economic and Law Faculty 
    • GEA College
    • Faculty of Organizational Sciences Maribor
    • Institute of Jožef Štefan
    • IEDC
    • Ypsilon
    • Metrika

    International Partners

    • EBAN
    • Tesla Intiative
    • Austrian angel Network, Austria
    • CRANE - Croatian angel network, Croatia
    • SBAN - Serbian business angel network, Serbia
    • Italian Business angel Network, Italy
    • American and European VCs
  • Investments

    APL d.o.o.

    In 2012 three business angels invested into APL. The company provides services of chain offsetting and factoring and does so through an online platform. This enables its clients to reduce their expenses, increase transparency and enhance security of business transactions.

    The company reached its breakeven point in early 2014 and continues to successfully grow and increase its market share.

    Double Recall

    In 2011 three business angels invested into Double Recall, which was accepted into  one of the most successful accelerators in Silicon Valley, the Y Combinator in 2012. They received investments from US VCs as well as other business angel and moved its HQ to the US.

    The aim of Double Recall was to enable innovative advertising on the online portals and media outlets in a way that the user who wants to access a payable part of the online media service needs to view an advertisement and type a part of the advertising message into the space below. This then unlocks the restricted content. The company was not successful on the competitive American market and abandoned the idea at the end of 2013. After departure of a few founders the company began exploring new business opportunities and continues to do so today.

  • Contact

    Branko Drobnak


       +386 41 495 830
      +386 1 30 70 815

    Branko Droban cooperated in more then 15 start up companies as an investor. He is the owner of Arima and a member of the Management Board of Alta Group d.d. He has a lifetime of experience with setting up and managing companies.  He is a co-founder and the motor of the Business Angels Club of Slovenia where he also serves as the President. He also serves as a mentor in CEED Slovenia.

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    Železna cesta 18
    SI-1000 Ljubljana


    Nina Dremelj

    Vice President

       +386 30 608 810
      +386 1 30 70 816

    Nina Dremelj graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and gained a masters degree in European Policy Analysis from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, specializing in youth policies and European general policies.

    Prior to working with Business Angels of Slovenia, she worked for a slovenian startup as the Business Assistant Manager and was responsible for company management. Prior to that she worked for the english company Enerbee Ltd. where she was specialized for HR management, Office management and ISO reperesentation.

    Tone Černe

    Vice President

       +386 41 668 784

    Tone Černe graduated at the Economic-Business University in Maribor focusing on banking and finance. In 2004 he obtained his  Masters degree in economics and business. He has worked in a number of areas which included working at Perspektive Group. He held positions of a broker and then worked as Executive Director and Board Member in the company which managed investment funds. In the past years he has acted as an investor in various projects and is an active member of the Business Angels Club of Slovenia.